DDI Guillotine Construction

  • Port section walls are flush with duct inner walls, minimizing pressure drop.

  • Port section carries duct axial and shear loads through side frame members.

  • Patented shallow seal air chamber provides outstanding rigidity.

  • All port section welds are continuous; structural welds have full penetration.

  • Internal blade supports limit the deflection of the blade as it enters the bottom seal.

  • Internal supports capable of resisting the upset duct pressure and a one "g" seismic event.

  • Flushable trough under the bottom seal prevents deposit accumulations in the bottom seal pocket.

  • Open superstructure allows ready access for maintenance and inspection.

  • Bearing mounts take drive loads into the frame through safe compessive load paths.

  • A transverse beam cooperates with the drive shaft to ensure seismic stability.

  • Positive safety stops prevent movement of the blade past the normal operating limits.