DDI Golden Eagle Register

  • The Golden Eagle register provides excellent reliability and combustion performance.  It is ruggedly built with a minimum of moving parts, ensuring maximum reliability.

  • The Golden Eagle register delivers excellent flame stability, short flames, and controlled peak flame temperatures.

  • This register contains the fuel in an oxygen rich annular combustion zone until the firing is essentially complete.

  • Pilot static tubes measure individual burner air flow making air distribution modeling unnecessary.

  • A distribution scroll replaces air dams, shrouds, and windbox turning vanes, by assuring that every flow vane on every burner has air delivered to it from the same relative direction at the same relative velocity.

  • Air flow control damper can replace the combustion air volume control damper.

  • Flow vanes replace inlet doors, spin vanes, and burner throats, eliminating the need for adjustability.  Computer generated vanes optimize air spin versus flow.

  • Shadow vanes eliminate the need for large volumes of cooling air to protect idle burners.