• BEST BURNER AIR CONTROL.  Each burner has an air control compartment.  Air can match fuel.  Idle burners require minimal air.

  • BEST COMBUSTION.  Low loss on ignition and CO control are maintained with furnace oxygen from 1.5% O2 and 4.0% O2.

  • EASIEST OPERATION.  Compliance is inherent, not an operations priority.  Ask any operator.

  • LOWEST BURNER MAINTENANCE.  Eight moving parts plus hardened and ceramic wear surfaces.

  • LEAST BOILER TUBE WASTAGE.  The Golden Eagle / NOxCore has a fully oxidizing flame envelope.

  • SHORTEST FLAME.  The fully fluidized stream reduces flame tails.  Early heat release improves boiler efficiency and reduces furnace wall deposits.

  • NOx TUNABLE.  Emissions levels can be reset if operating objectives change, without changing the burner.