NOxCore Nozzle   

Golden Eagle Register

Why Eagleair ?



Eagleair Products Division of DDI was founded in 1982 with a mission to produce a burner that reduced maintenance and improved combustion.  As a result Eagleair has developed a register / nozzle assembly with the ability to change individual burner air flow without disturbing the flame pattern.

Performance of the burner is independent of particle distribution in the transport pipe.  Splitting the register into an inner and outer zone gives Eagleair tuning control over the flame length.

Established NOx versus excess air curves have allowed Eagleair to eliminate over-fired air in almost all recommendations.

As with coal distribution, Eagleair Golden eagle burner/register emphasizes air distribution and delivery pattern.  The Golden Eagle has surpassed all other types of registers in side by side combustion testing.  Burner stability is the best in the business.