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Biplane Dampers :


The double wall air sealed DDI BiPlane louver damper has no equal where total isolation by a louver style damper is required.

The rigid blade structure and aerodynamically clean blade faces assure predictable flutter control whether the linkage is parallel or opposed.

The single set of shafts allows the number of blades to be minimized. Even wide blades can be contained within the minimum duct space required by a double louver.

In addition to eliminating the need for a second set of shafts, the wider blades allowed can reduce the number of blades in the damper. The smaller number of shafts substantially reduces the bearing and packing maintenance and operating torque.

The DDI BiPlane can advantageously replace some guillotine dampers. It eliminates the need to continuously run a seal air fan in applications where the damper is normally open. The savings in fan motor power consumption will pay the entire cost of the Biplane double louver. In addition, the BiPlane minimizes cooling of the duct gases and eliminates air dilution when the damper is open.

The sealing plane of the DDI BiPlane damper is barely thicker than the blades themselves.  This compact structure allows much more freedom of duct design than a conventional double louver.