DDI Guillotine Blade

  • DDI guillotine blades are flat within one half of the blade thickness when hung vertically, providing low residual stresses.

  • Thermal expansion slots in the blade prevent blade distortion.

  • A seismic cap stabilizes the outer edge of the blade plate in all positions.

  • The blade is totally withdrawn from the seal air chamber in the open position to minimize heat loss.

  • DDI engineered chain drive systems have been in service for over fifteen years.

  • DDI's preferred  nine tooth sprocket limits sprocket induced blade velocity variations to plus or minus 3%.

  • Standard DDI drives will start at 80% of rated voltage.

  • Drive can be started from any position without by-passing the torque switch.

  • Each drive has a failure strength two times that required to stall the actuator.

  • A suddenly applied stall load will not cause catastrophic failure.